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        Originally from Hollywood, California I now split my time between Cape Cod, MA. and Spokane, WA.   

        Horses and Painting are my passions so it was natural to combine the two.  I have been riding since before I could walk and I am in love with the mysterious, spiritual nature of horses. The beautiful deep, saturated medium of oil paint captures them perfectly.  The desert Bedouin would tie a blue bead in the manes of their war horses in order to keep the Evil Eye away, so every one of my horses will have blue beads in their mane.  Why?   Well, because you can never be too safe, right? 

        Being one of those Jack of all Trades type of people with a touch of schizophrenia thrown in I habitually creep down other avenues of creativity.  Most recently that avenue has been henna design which has proven to be a most interesting trip.  Next week?  Who knows.  I invite you to accompany me on this adventure called art.